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Technical Sheet

  • DENOMINATION: Extra Dry Sparkling Wine
  • GRAPE VARIETY: Blend of typical white grapes.
  • PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES: This sparkling wine has been produced with the Martinotti-Charmat method from grapes grown in Veneto region. The wine is mixed in stainless steel tanks that allow control over temperature and pressure during the sparkling producing process. Thanks to the Charmat method the wine appears fragrant to the palate and full of fresh and fruity notes, typical of this cuvée.
  • COLOUR: Straw-coloured with lively greenish highlights; a soft mousse accompany a lingering and delicate perlage.
  • BOUQUET: Elegant and caressing bouquet, with fragrant and fruity hints.
  • TASTE: On the palate, a charming caress and a vivid freshness are gracefully accompanied by refined pear, apple, and peach hints.
  • SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Ideal as aperitif paired with canapé. It goes exquisitely with prawn crudités and salmon crostini. Perfect with fish and shellfish light courses and with vegetable first dishes. Excellent to drink for great occasions.